Bypassing breakfast? Your work performance may suffer

February 18, 2013

By: Elizabeth
Without a healthy breakfast, one is not likely to function at his or her absolute best. But according to a 2011 Kellogg Company Survey, only one-third (34 percent) of Americans eat breakfast on a daily basis. If you are included in the 66 percent of folks who are skipping the most important meal of the day, your job performance could be suffering as a result.
Eating breakfast improves the quality of your brain function and helps your body sustain energy. It additionally aids in concentration, memory and problem-solving. Those who don't eat breakfast are more likely to make mistakes at work due to lack of focus. What's the science behind it? Your brain needs a steady supply of neurotransmitters and glucose in order to operate at its highest ability. When you wake up in the morning, you haven't eaten for hours, meaning you don't have any of those neurotransmitters or glucose ready to use. As a result, your body is forced to get them by dipping into your energy and protein stores - a process much less effective than converting food into fuel. If you replenish your body's supply of neurotransmitters and glucose first thing in the morning, you'll be able to think faster, longer and more clearly. Need a little more convincing? Studies show that missing this meal can actually make you gain weight.
As a devoted breakfast-eater, I often encourage friends and family to get in the habit, too. Based on their responses, it seems the top excuse for passing on breakfast is lack of time in the morning. If you have the same problem, try buying granola bars or single-serve yogurt in bulk - you can grab them from the pantry and eat on the go. A nutrient-rich smoothie is another great option for those who need to have breakfast during their commute. Still can't swing it? Keep some instant oatmeal in your desk at work and enjoy it while tackling your morning emails.
If you're simply not hungry in the mornings, try to eat anyway. Once your body starts expecting breakfast, you'll find yourself waking up to the sound of your stomach growling. Soon, you'll be looking, feeling and working better.

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