Building PR Success from Day One

February 8, 2011

By Courtney
A couple weeks ago, I wrote about getting real with your clients. In that same vein, we are finalizing our updated client questionnaire. Yes, we want to know all about you before we even start working with you.
How do you prefer to be contacted? When do you prefer to be contacted? Are you a morning person or a night person? Do you like a “Got it” e-mail when you send us a promised document so you know we got it, or do you hate the extra e-mail? Do you hate e-mail? Are you a press release fiend? Are you new to social media?
Sure, these things always come out eventually. And we look forward to finding out all the nuances of your preferences as time goes on and we get to know each other, but the questionnaire is more than the individual questions on the screen. It forces us all to slow down for a minute and spend time thinking about the relationship we're about to start building. It gives us a framework to start to visualize how we will be most successful in working together. It's a small, 20-minute commitment that can have long-term effects on the success of our venture together.
What do you think? Are questionnaires a good tool to set the framework of the working relationship?

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