Brandstreaming: How to lead discussions about your brand

February 4, 2012

By: Rachel
Conversation about your brand is happening 24/7 on digital and traditional platforms. The idea of brandstreaming, or the two-way flow of content from brand to constituent, is a real-time, always-happening occurrence.
So how can you effectively and proactively manage these discussions, and how can you lead conversations to reflect your brand identity? Sarah Skerik of PR Newswire and Tom Stein of Stein + Partners Brand Activation shared their insights and offered a few tips during a webinar on this topic.
Skerik and Stein noted that because Americans now spend 50 percent of their time online on social sites, earned media has changed: both the audience and platforms. Earned media's evolution has given way to new patterns of influence. There are no more episodic campaign cycles, meaning campaigns are continual and there is no definite endpoint.
PR professionals need to capitalize on real-time stories and news items; there is no longer any such thing as waiting for the next print edition to be published. Smart, digitally literate brands can use these news items to interact and converse with their audience in real-time.
Successful, agile engagement consists of the following steps:

  • Listen, analyze and strategize: Pull in all relevant and available information.
  • Create, curate and customize content: This includes multiple forms of content to engage various audiences.
  • Target: Determine whom you are targeting, which content fits which audiences, and which platforms you will use.
  • Distribute: Distribute content across multiple channels for widespread success.
  • Measure: Analyze which strategies were successful and strategize for next time.

By staying on top of current news and staying responsive, you'll be able to create a smart strategy for audience engagement.

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