Boston’s entrepreneurs prove startups can flourish in any field

September 19, 2015
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By: Ali
Never let it be said that Boston’s startup scene is overly focused on any one field. I am constantly amazed by the variety of interests and endeavors we see from local entrepreneurs who refuse to fall into a startup rut. Take a look at the latest news and you’ll see exactly what I mean.
Boston Business Journal: Technology and music merge in Boston's latest startup community
Those who live in the city are the lucky audience to some of the greatest musicians around. Some local founders decided to harness that part of the Boston vibe, along with the tech appreciation, for a few musical initiatives. From Sonation to Sync to Pickasound, there’s something for everyone looking to blend some more music into their lives.
BetaBoston: International tuition-payment startup peerTransfer is now Flywire
PeerTransfer, the company that allows international students to pay tuition in local currency, is switching up names and locations. The organization will now be known as Flywire and is keeping up momentum by expanding its local office, as well as its outpost in Valencia, Spain. The company plans to process $2 billion in payments this school year. That’s a lot of dollars. And pounds, pesos, yen, etc.
BostInno: Tennis Startup PlayLocal Is More Than Doubling Its Boston Capacity
PlayLocal is solving the main problems (kind of the only problems) local tennis players face – mainly not having enough people to play with, and not being able to lock down a court. That simple, yet brilliant, recognition led to a user-friendly app and huge burst of demand. Through some strategic local partnerships and expansion plans, don’t expect this company to slow down any time soon.
Boston Herald: Startup to simplify charitable giving
Never again should you be thinking to yourself, “I would love to make a donation right now, but I don’t have cash.” Or, “How do I send someone money if they aren’t using Venmo?” Causemo is embracing the mobile revolution for the charitable industry by creating a simple one-stop destination for those looking to donate across diverse campaigns. Fewer roadblocks to charitable giving is undeniably a win across the board.
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