Bostonians: Technology Focused In Every Generation

April 22, 2011

By Erin
Recently, I attended a couples cooking class at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts with my husband, Michael. When we walked into the kitchen I immediately bee-lined for the table filled with people who resembled my grandparents. I told Michael that I spend too much time with people my own age and I thought it would be fun to hang out with a different crowd. I decided that we would probably talk about their lives, grandchildren, traveling experiences -- you know, grandparent stuff.
Instead, I heard stories about the tech companies in which they invest or at which they had worked. We discussed articles on TechCrunch and who we liked to follow on Twitter. They gave their opinions on cloud computing, data backup and online advertising.
At one point, I thought, “Where am I? Oh yeah, that's right, Boston. What are Bostonians known for? Technology.” That's right; the topic of conversation was technology. I looked at Michael and said, “Thank goodness we both work in the technology industry and know what they are talking about.” Somewhere between the fourth or fifth course, the 20-somethings started chiming into the conversation, and it turned out that most of them worked in the tech industry, as well.
After dinner concluded and I rolled myself out of the kitchen, I started to think about the conversations I had just had. I was truly impressed by the impact that technology has on the people of this city. People consider Boston a “Technology Capita,” and I think I experienced it firsthand. With institutes such as MIT and Harvard right next door, how can we not eat, breathe and live for technology and innovation?
After my wonderful evening, I came to two conclusions: 1) Cooking is more fun when you have a gourmet chef providing you with guidance; and 2) if you want to enjoy where you live, embrace what the city is known for.
What is your city known for?

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