Boston entrepreneurs test their tech in space

July 11, 2015

There are a lot standard, “When I was a kid, I wanted to be a ______________” kind of career aspirations that I can’t really relate to. Doctor, veterinarian, firefighter…none of these really stuck with me. Becoming an astronaut, though – that’s one I could get behind. I perceive it as a sensation somewhere in between skydiving, which I love, and roller coasters, which I hate. And now a couple local entrepreneurs are making me jealous as they find themselves one step closer to that dream.
Here’s more on that and the rest of this week’s startup news.
Nibletz: Two Boston startups win chance to test their products in space
So it turns out there is an actual contest called The Galactic Grant Challenge. This is real. And on Tuesday, we found out two Boston startups had won. Zaiput Flow Technologies and Nanobiosym will be putting their bio-tech offerings to the test aboard the International Space Station. I guess I can be happy for them.
Wired: How Startups Like Uber Get People to Work on July 4
While you were in your black car getting shuttled around between the best outdoor Boston bars over the long weekend, did you stop to think that the kind gentleman driving you was in fact on the clock while you were getting to enjoy those midday beers? While corporate America grinds to a halt for our nation’s birthday, the startups that drive our sharing economy and on-demand lifestyles most certainly do not. Turns out money is a strong motivator for those who are working the holidays. Go figure.
BetaBoston: Home-cleaning startup Handy sued over contract labor, another blow for on-demand businesses
And in less uplifting news (if we want to call that last one uplifting) for the on-demand market niche, Handy, the app for a quick maid or handyman service, is under fire for paying a Boston employee under minimum wage. The company is bringing it back to the whole independent-contractors-versus-employees debate. We’ll see how that goes for them.
Boston Business Journal: Three Boston startup funding deals you should know about this week
After all the other more cutting-edge developments, let’s close out on a fun-ding note. A few local companies added some zeroes to their bank accounts this week, with BevSpot, ReferralMob and Zero Turnaround all closing deals.
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