“Blog” shouldn’t be a dirty word. Here’s why blogging deserves your time.

“Can you write a post for our blog?” That question strikes fear in the hearts of some people. But why?

There are several reasons people may be hesitant to commit to blogging. Some may  fear not getting good results or positive feedback. Time management may be an issue, perhaps not being able to put the time needed into a piece. I’ve heard some people in highly technical B2B companies say they feel that their industry is too boring to write about. Others may battle writer’s block.

But, there are ways to overcome all of these fears, and the results are very speak for themselves - if you dedicate yourself to writing. I’ll say this: When I check out a company’s website or shop online, the first thing I do is check and see if the company has a blog, and click on it. It’s my eyes into the company. Others do the same thing, and more people are probably seeing your blog than you think.

There are so many benefits blogging will bring to your company, and there’s no excuse for it not working for your industry or for you to not make time for it. Here are three of the biggest reasons that “blog” should not be considered a dirty word.

It proves your company is educated in the industry.

Whether it be makeup or hybrid cloud computing solutions, a blog is the perfect place to prove you know what you are doing. For example, the technology industry can be confusing and overwhelming to some. It’s constantly evolving and very competitive. Through blog posts, your company can present information in smaller, more descriptive chunks, provide educational content or share visual demonstrations of complex topics. This gives you  an edge over the competition by presenting information in ways that people prefer to consume it, all while helping them understand what technologies or solutions your company provides.

You can also share company news, or talk about the benefits customers are seeing from your product or service, so that prospective customers have something they can identify with. It gives you a chance to flex your muscles and show that you are an authority in your industry, whatever that may be.

It earns your company more exposure.

People share blogs. People share blogs that people have already shared. Influencers share blogs. This one is a no-brainer.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, imagine asking 20 employees to share your blog on social media, and they all have 200+ friends or followers - and that could go on and on. Just think how many times people could possibly see that piece of content. You can also cross-post blogs on sites such as Medium, to reach an even wider audience. And we all know that ultimately, helpful content and more exposure can lead to bigger and better ROI.

It gives your company or brand a pulse.

No one wants to feel like they are dealing with a robot. I realize that robots and AI are becoming more sophisticated, but people still want to feel like they are dealing with an actual human as opposed to automated tech. Blogging is one way to show the personal side of your business - and the people that build your business - that perspective and current customers don’t see through your outbound marketing activities. It gives others a sense of the company’s standards, vision and personality of the company and its executives. It makes it human. It gives you a chance to be fun and educational, and also engage with people who are visiting your website.

When you are asked to write a blog for your company, don’t stress. Look at it as an opportunity to advocate for something you believe in and show your personality all at the same time. Just do it.

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