The new rules for corporate blogging

February 2, 2017

It may not be new or particularly glamorous, but corporate blogging is still the bread and butter of content marketing. Blogs are—still—one of the most efficient ways for companies to communicate their missions, drive traffic and promote other assets.

According to Content Marketing Institute, 80 percent of B2B marketers and 75 percent of B2C marketers include blogging among their current techniques. But with everyone blogging, how do you keep your efforts relevant in 2017? 

Write for humans first.

We’ve all seen content that was created with only SEO in mind. It reads like it’s been written by HAL, the computer in “2001: A Space Odyssey” —and it’s not pretty. One of the biggest challenges bloggers face is creating content that is optimized for search engines but will still appeal to real people. Make sure your content reads smoothly, even as you focus on keyword intent. Ask: what problem am I helping the reader solve? 

Make the content valuable.

Valuable content serves the reader and creates trust in the company as a source of useful information. This means creating content that provides your audience with actionable solutions they can readily use. Collaborate with sales and customer service. What do your customers need? What are they craving? Answer those calls with your content.

Forgo the snack. Create a feast.

Gone are the days of junk food blogging, where you could just throw a bunch of words and stats in a figurative bowl and hope someone decides to snack on your content. In 2017 it’s all about creating content-rich feasts. According to Orbit Media’s third annual blogging trends survey, blog posts are getting longer, taking longer to write and in turn, yielding better results. But if you’re going to go long, make it meaningful. Make it rigorously researched, and make it worthy of reading. 

Get visual.

According to Jakob Nielsen, on the average Web page, users have time to read at most 28 percent of the words during an average visit. With the trend toward longer blog posts, it’s not surprising bloggers are now using a combination of visuals and other multimedia content to make their posts more easily digestible. Peppering your blog posts with enticing visuals and video not only saves your readers time by directing their eyes to what’s most important, but it also makes your posts more shareable. It’s a win/win. 

Go offsite.

If you wanted to connect with new people and grow your network, you wouldn’t sit at home just waiting for it to happen—you’d put yourself out there.

Now that you’ve mastered the best practices of corporate blogging, it’s time to “leave the house” and develop an offsite blogging strategy. Posting on platforms like Medium and LinkedIn may feel like you’re giving away content for free, but really what you’re doing is connecting your content with a larger audience and building credibility as a thought leader.

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