BetaBoston announces its “25 under 25” winners for 2015

July 27, 2015
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By: Erin
BetaBoston released its “25 under 25” winners for 2015, highlighting some of the most innovative and talented people in the Boston area. Winners this year span several industries including music, technology, software, social media, education, health and life sciences, and education. Below is a recap of this week’s trending conversations and news from Boston’s startup ecosystem.
BetaBoston: Getaway lets you try a tiny house on for size
Getaway, a new startup out of Harvard, is taking the off-the-grid retreat and miniaturizing it. Its mission is to build and rent 160-square-foot cabins for people looking for a respite from the big-city pace and the chance to try out living a little more simply in a lot fewer square feet. For $119 a night, a group of four can book a cabin complete with hotel basics, such as towels and sheets. The tiny house is stocked with snacks, bicycles, firewood and playing cards, all available for purchase via Venmo, a mobile payment system.
BetaBoston: Surgical Sam helps train Boston Children’s Hospital surgeons
Boston Children Hospital’s Simulator Program is using a sophisticated medical mannequin that provides surgical teams with an immersive training environment. The child-sized mannequin is named Surgical Sam. Under its skin, which surgeons cut into with real scalpels, are facsimile bones, organs and fluids made from plastic and other synthetic materials that approximate human tissues and liquids. Like a real child, Sam breathes and has a heartbeat, and, if you nick an artery, bleeds synthetic red blood. The big-picture goal of the Surgical Sam program is to create a non-judgmental environment where members of an operating team can improve their communication during real life-threatening situations. To date, the hospital has used Surgical Sam to train several hundred surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists and other clinicians.
BostInno: 4 Entrepreneurs, 1 Question: What's the Most Helpful "No" You Ever Received?
BostInno collected feedback from the co-founders of Drafted, Cintell, BevSpot and Ministry of Supply on the rejections that benefited them the most.
Boston Business Journal: MetroWest accelerator program would target middle-aged entrepreneurs
A Hopkinton-based startup accelerator program focused on attracting middle-aged entrepreneurs could launch in January 2016, pending $1 million in investor funding. Barb Finer, the founder of Hopkinton co-working space TechSandBox, is in talks with angel investors about funding the program, which would be called Techubator. Techubator would accept about eight startups in each three- to four-month-long program, and companies would get $18,000 each, as well as co-working space, educational programs and mentorship opportunities, in exchange for 6 percent equity.
What are your favorite Boston-based stories from week? Tell us what we missed.

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