Attributes of a PR Pro

December 29, 2010

By Melissa
Metis is growing. We're coming up on six years old and going strong. Not only are we sustaining our 90 percent client referral rate driven by our stellar service and concrete results, but we're looking for fun, talented people who have entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for fast-paced PR. We are committed to conducting the right interviews that bring the right people in the door.
Our awesome editor and writer, Rebecca Joyner, recently pointed out a great article from Malcolm Gladwell's new book, What The Dog Saw. “The New-Boy Network,” which was originally published in The New Yorker, highlights what job interviews really tell us about people, how to pose questions differently to get more out of the interview, and ultimately, get the interviewee thinking about answers she didn't prepare for before the meeting.
The days of looking someone in the eye, introducing oneself, giving a firm handshake and getting the job are gone. But many people, sometimes including me, remain stuck on those traditional techniques. These measures get a hire in the door, but often a few months later, the organization or the person realize that it isn't the right fit. Instead, that person might have just been a good interviewer in the traditional sense, and not the person who truly fits into the organization.
Here are a few questions we're considering as part of our quest to bring the ultimate employees into our Boston PR firm:

  • Is the candidate trainable? Is he willing to bring his experience but also learn new techniques?
  • How proactive was she in pursuing the job? Does she truly want to work in this environment and why?
  • Will the candidate really fit in with the team and the role for which we need him? Pick your top five attributes: Is he a good writer? Deadline-oriented? Proactive? Curious? Organized?
  • How does the person behave in different settings with various people interviewing her? Is her performance consistent?

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