Attract Readers to Your Press Release In Four Simple Steps

August 28, 2012

By: Gabi

An effective announcement strategy includes more than just a press release. You also need media outreach, trained spokespeople and aggressive follow up. Even with all of those factors in place, though, some releases attract more eyeballs than others. Jennifer Saragosa and Adam Blanchette of Business Wire dropped by Metis recently to talk about why this is and to offer up some tips for creating releases that gain more interest.

They advised companies to:

  1. Target your release. If your release addresses a certain part of the world, make sure it gets there. Use the available tools to pick and choose where to make your press release available in order to attract a relevant audience.
  2. Use keywords. Keywords help search engines pick up your press release and increase exposure to the audience you want to reach. This also helps encourage links on different sites that bring readers back to your press release.
  3. Focus on links. Add multiple links in different spots within the press release. As Jennifer and Adam mentioned, all readers are different. Some prefer to click on links right in the first paragraph, while others wait until the very end. Overall, linking back to your site will help create even more coverage. Include links in different formats, as well. Some readers click on embedded links, while some still look for traditional links; make sure to cover your bases.
  4. Use images when possible. Images help readers in numerous ways. For example, images attract readers to your release by breaking up the text and offering a different way to “read” the news. Use graphs, infographics, photographs, or even screen captures to help get your message across.

How do you attract readers to your press releases?

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