Are entrepreneurs prepared for the next tech bubble burst?

November 21, 2015
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By: Erin
According to Morrison & Foerster, more than half of the 150 U.S. startups valued at a billion dollars or more will still be private companies in 2016, while seven percent will fail. Should entrepreneurs really worry about a bubble burst?
Randy Komisar, general partner at VC firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers (KPCB) recently told TechCrunch, “We’re in a cycle — I don’t believe in the questions about the bubble. I think cycles come and get a little overheated. It’s more like a deflation: How much air comes out of the balloon versus the balloon actually popping?”
You can listen to Komisar’s entire interview on the TechCrunch Ventured podcast, or read a summary in Ted Schlein’s article, “The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Surviving A Tech Bubble.” Below is a recap of this week’s trending conversations and news from Boston’s startup ecosystem:
Forbes: Boston Mobile Marketing Startup Winning Customers From Salesforce
Boston-based SessionM, a provider of mobile-first loyalty and engagement solutions for Fortune 1000 brands, combines marketing automation with personalized messaging and data management, enabling brands to engage directly with consumers via mobile while guiding them down the path to purchase and loyalty. The company recently won a big deal from a leading provider of consumer healthcare products over the software giant Salesforce. In his article, reporter Peter Cohan states, “SessionM may not displace Salesforce and its peers — but I would not be shocked if Albright sells it to one of them.”
BostInno: These 6 Startups Are Changing How We Rent Apartments
The Boston rental market is competitive, and finding an apartment that meets your criteria and budget has become nearly impossible. Check out these six Boston-based apartment rental websites aiming to make your housing hunt easier.
BostInno: Allied Minds Is Boston's Quietest Billion-Dollar Tech Company
Kyle Alspach has been covering startups and venture capital in Boston for several years but has only encountered Allied Minds, the decade-old Boston-based startup investment firm, a few times. The stealthy company went public last year, invested hundreds of millions of dollars in funding into new startups and is currently sporting a $1 billion market cap. In an interview with BostInno, Allied Minds CEO Chris Silva said several of the company’s more mature investments, which the firm created from scratch, could be headed for noteworthy exits soon.
BostInno: How SimpliSafe Is Becoming a Rare Consumer Tech Winner for Boston
SimpliSafe created a self-installable, affordable home security system that’s geared for the wireless era. With more than $57 million in funding from Sequoia Capital, a customer base of more than 300,000 and an estimated revenue well above $38.5 million, the company aims to be Boston’s consumer startup darling.
What are your favorite Boston-based stories from week? Tell us what we missed.

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