A Call to the Elements Focuses Our Lives

June 7, 2012

By: Kathryn
This is the second in a four-part series on how to master time and stay productive, successful and happy.
In my previous blog, I examined the first part of Peter Bregman's book, “18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distribution and Get the Right Things Done,” looking at how we need to stop and examine ourselves and the world around us. Now, what do we do? We know what makes us happy and we've outlined which skills we have; how do we best fit that into our professional lives? How do we leverage these talents to find an optimized, productive place in the workforce?
In order to succeed – whether it is in the PR world or on another career path – it is important to focus on all aspects of your life. How do you combine all these various elements into a regimen that fulfills you both professionally and personally? In part two, Bregman challenges readers to examine their strengths, weaknesses, differences and passions. It is the intersection of these four elements where he wants readers to focus their daily lives and spend their time. From understanding this intersection, you gain a sense of where you might go within your field. To do that, consider these factors:

  • Strengths: What are your best PR and marketing skills? Strategy? Media relations? Social media? Find them and build from there.
  • Weaknesses: Where are you insecure in your knowledge? Embrace those weaknesses rather than being embarrassed by them. If you don't like public speaking, then focus on more one-on-one networking events.
  • Differences: What makes you stand out in the world of PR and at your company?
  • Passions: What do you desire most to do in your career? Focus on what you want to do, rather than what you should do. What activities do you love – tweeting and online interaction? Writing? Embrace it and stick with it. Make it your focus and passion.

Examine your four elements. Where do they intersect? And are you in the optimal location where you can be successful?

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