8 Ways to boost sales from the PR playbook

December 1, 2015
by Admin

By Jessie Moog
Nearly every company shares a common refrain at its quarterly meetings: “How can we improve our sales rates?”
To answer that question, it helps to look back at the evolution of sales and marketing in the corporate world. Years ago, they were segmented processes. Now, as the landscape for influence building, SEO, social media, inbound marketing and content continues to evolve, companies have learned that their best marketing and sales results occur when the two forces complement each other’s strengths.
Luckily, integrating your sales strategy with your marketing approach isn’t as complicated as it may sound. In every industry, the basic recipe for success is the same: provide your sales team with great marketing tools and an incentive to use them, align your PR program with your sales goals, and share progress with your C-suite as your efforts pay off.
If you’re looking for a place to get started, try one of the below tips from the Metis blog archives:
Goal No. 1: Arm your sales team with PR and marketing resources.

  • Why your sales team needs content marketing: At the 2015 Content Rising conference in Boston, sales leaders from ADP payroll services and Fidelity Investments discussed how financial pros use brand storytelling and marketing content to close deals. For example, ADP sales representatives receive credit for sharing website content with prospects, and Fidelity focuses on creating content that helps educate its prospects about the industry in order to close sales.
  • Three reasons your salespeople should be your company’s best social media advocates: In late September 2015, LinkedIn launched Elevate, an employee advocacy tool that makes it easier for users to track the impact of their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook shares. While the tool can be a key asset for tracking the value of social media strategy, this blog explains how enterprises begin by encourage employees to get involved.
  • The unofficial Girl Scout’s guide to sales and marketing: The annual Girl Scout cookie season brings one of America’s biggest, most motivated temporary sales teams out of hibernation. No matter your product or your ultimate goal, the same factors apply to every successful sale: start early, build great relationships and keep a winning closer up your sleeve.

Goal No. 2: Connect the dots between PR and sales.

  • How to turn a great article mention into a killer sales tool: Let’s say you scored an awesome mention in a top-tier media article. Celebrate the win – and then put it to work by sharing it with your networks and using it as a resource in conversations with prospects.
  • How to build a vertical PR program that generates leads: For both sales and PR efforts to hit home, you need to carefully target your audience. This blog, a contribution from Metis client Maxwell Technologies, shares insight about identifying your company’s top industries and marketing to a specific vertical.
  • Integrate content with other PR, marketing tactics to drive sales: The Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 State of Content Marketing report found that surprisingly few companies knew how to measure content marketing success, and many felt their campaigns weren’t performing to their full potential. These issues are often the result of content efforts not being fully integrated with an overall marketing strategy.

Goal No. 3: Get your CEO and executive team on board.

  • 5 Things your CEO needs to know about PR: One of the first steps toward a successful PR and marketing program involves securing executive buy-in. First, you may need to sell your CEO on the value of an integrated program by demonstrating how executive visibility can translate into a tool for sales and business growth.

Learn more about crafting a startup PR strategy with your sales goals in mind.

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