10 Reasons Why Your PR Team Should Drive Your Content Strategy

July 11, 2013

By: Rebecca
The latest developments in content marketing focus on creative quality, strategic distribution, business value and engagement – elements in which your PR team is well versed. Want to know why your PR folks should drive your content strategy? Here are 10 reasons:
1. More brands are telling more stories via more channels than ever, and you need well-targeted, carefully crafted content if you want to be heard above all the noise.
2. PR pros have a greater understanding of the news agenda than upstart content creators, who tend to focus on sales-heavy, ad-like approaches.
3. Informative content that speaks to the reader's needs and concerns creates greater engagement and can deliver higher returns in terms of Web traffic, conversations and leads.
4. A solid PR team is equipped to manage conversations that crop up around content, which is critical to deriving value from these activities.
5. Earned media, including contributed content, delivers the credibility that comes with third-party endorsements.
6. The right PR team ties every program to your strategic business goals – including content creation, placement and distribution.
7. Content marketing is the latest darling of the marcomm world, but it doesn't live up to its potential unless it's integrated into your social media and media relations efforts.
8. PR pros know how to make your content work hard – really hard. A whitepaper can become a press release, an infographic, a SlideShare presentation, a blog post, and on and on.
9. Content marketing assets need to support search engine optimization (SEO) needs while still appealing to actual human readers. PR teams know how to address both demands in a single piece of content.
10. As every brand – from local mom-and-pop shops to global megacompanies – becomes a publisher, we are at risk of drowning in massive waves of mediocre content. More content is not necessarily better for your business, and a knowledgeable PR team can help you put out pieces that reflect well on your brand.
Are you ready to get strategic about content creation and marketing? Then talk to your PR team.

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