8 Questions With Meghan Goetz, marketing director at Crowd Favorite

December 10, 2020

You know the magic that happens when you work with awesome people? We think it’s everything, and we love working with folks who bring that kind of chemistry into our days. As often as possible, we sit down with one of these execs to talk about startups, the future of their industries and whatever other topics pop up.

In the hot seat today:


A true marketing inspiration, Meghan Goetz has had an impactful 13-year journey that led to her current position, director of marketing at Crowd Favorite, a firm specializing in world-class digital strategy, web development and digital support services. Not only does she have extensive knowledge and a passion for marketing, she is also a role model for younger women looking to achieve greatness. She radiates positivity, making it easy to recognize how enthusiastic she is about her career. She is the perfect representation of “do what you love.”

1. Who has influenced you and how?

We are so lucky to live in a time that allows more access to more people, expanding our scope of influencers as well as connections. My personal inspirations are:

  • Sara Blakely, founder and CEO of SPANX: She is someone I always refer to because her story is inspiring, the way she was able to build her company despite the struggles she endured. 
  • Shea McGee with Studio McGee: I love this company’s story of evolving from one person in an office to a $30 million company for home designs.

Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn, co-founders of Tone It Up: I have been using the Tone It Up workout programs since 2009. It has been great to watch their company transform into this multimillion-dollar platform while still being customer-centric. And, they were never afraid to show their journey, even the challenges and missteps, which spoke levels to their authenticity. Watching a brand explode like this while keeping their identity is so influential for me.

2. When and where did you start out, and how did that experience shape you?

My first foray into marketing came from an insurance broker, of all places. I took an internship there during college and when I found they didn’t have a marketing department, I saw it as an awesome opportunity to build one. Within a few years I was running my own marketing department integrating acquired brands, a fifteen-person sales team and positioning the firm to expand their enterprise business. In building a successful marketing machine, I was exposed to just about every facet of the business. This exposure shaped how I approach marketing strategies to this day.

After achieving the director title, the corner office and all that comes with it, I stopped to take stock of my goals and realized my talent for building departments could be helpful to many more companies. I struck out on my own to start MGMC where I would help organizations develop their own marketing departments. It was through growing this consultancy that I discovered Crowd Favorite and was blown away by the quality of the team they had assembled. It had been a few years since I worked with a team of my own and I was eager to work with a group of motivated people striving towards a common goal.

3. What do you believe are the most important qualities to possess as a successful marketer?

A holistic understanding of the business is critical for success. Marketing isn’t a department that can be siloed - to be successful it must work in concert with the rest of the organization. Second, the ability to listen and ask the right questions is crucial. Your customers, clients and the community itself will tell you what they want and need, if you listen. This makes it possible to understand and deliver solutions based on their exact pain points.

4. What's your favorite success story?

After thinking back on my career, my favorite success story really boils down to doing what I love - building marketing departments. It was my first management role, it was what I did when I owned my own marketing consultancy and it is what I am currently doing at Crowd Favorite. When I joined Crowd Favorite in January, they had almost all the pieces in place, other than marketing. It’s been rewarding to join this team and build this department.

5. What’s coming up for Crowd Favorite? What are you most excited about?

So many things! We are listening to what our clients and the market are asking of us - it’s a digital transformation acceleration period and we understand this is where companies need to go. We also recognize that we must address the needs of our own clients -- and the needs of theirs -- so we’re in the process of creating some new products that complement our services.

Brands need solutions for high impact right now and a partner for the long-term. We want to be there at every step which is why we created new services and audit packages that allow clients to understand what they need and how we can best help.

6. We know you’re an active member of the Bureau of Digital. How has this community been beneficial to you and your career? And, are there any other organizations that have helped shape your career? 

Bureau of Digital is a fantastic community, I am so grateful to be a part of it. I met Carl at the first Owner Summit and knew I had to be a part of this community. It was amazing to see the diversity in people running agencies and their different approaches. The event provided me with extensive insight into what other owners are doing, as well as opening the doors to great connections and friends.

Locally, I am involved in several leadership organizations for young adults and women. One specific chapter I work with is the Women’s Network Leadership Institute. It is a wonderful way to connect with professional women locally.

Personally, I rely so much on others to inspire me. I have been lucky along my career path to encounter so many incredible mentors and I hope to pass along the knowledge they helped me obtain. I’d be grateful knowing that I have given back even just a little bit to the next generation so that they can progress further, faster.

7. What is your favorite rule to break?

Immediately after reading this question, I had to laugh. Those closest to me know, I do not break rules; I’m the opposite, I make them. The thought of breaking a rule is just something I would never do, absolutely not, but I will always question why things are done a certain way. “This is how it has always been” is never an appropriate answer in my book.

The world of marketing and digital is changing at such a rapid pace. We have access to more information, data and ways to connect than ever before. Brands cannot carry on the same path as before. Instead, we have to be just as innovative and capitalize on the technology we have at our fingertips. It’s exciting to see the different ways we can change and where it may lead us.

8. If you weren’t working in marketing, what would you be doing?

Despite being passionate about helping brands share their stories, when I put on my dreamer hat, I find myself being the owner of a local floral boutique, making flowers arrangements all day and connecting with clients.

However, in reality, you’d probably find me in sales. It’ll always have a special spot in my heart. I loved being able to talk to clients and get real-time feedback. There’s something special about being on the ground and in the trenches that you get with sales that’s unlike any other department.

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