6 Marketing tips from Uber, Boloco, a new baby and your favorite coffee shop

August 2, 2016

By Maddie Ponsetto

How do you turn your pastime for perfect coffee shop hunting into productivity at work? Or your Uber ride home into marketing ROI? When you’re looking for insights and expertise in the business world, it’s critical to think outside of the box – or the cubicle, at least.

While there is no secret key to marketing success, there are always ways to upgrade your approach to your workday. The below stories from some of our most popular posts offer insights on everything from social media and entrepreneurship to the definition of new media and tips for employee retention. Whether you’re already running a business, an employee climbing the professional ladder, an entrepreneur in the making or a Bostonian looking to get some work done, the following tips from our blog are likely to come in handy.

1. 8 questions with Charu Sharma: Go Against the Flow founder

Charu Sharma is an explorer, entrepreneur and founder of “Go Against the Flow,” a movement that has manifested in a book, documentary film, and Huffington Post Q&A series – so far. We asked Sharma about the inspiration behind her project, how she measures success, how to inspire young entrepreneurs and more.

2. The best cafes to work from in Boston

Our team loves being comfortable, eating food and getting stuff done – so we compiled a guide to the best places to do all three, all over Boston.

3. Why Boloco wins at social media customer service

Today, good customer service isn’t as simple as “service with a smile.” In our fast-paced world, companies and executives are expected to be responsive on social media. In our experience, Boston-based restaurant Boloco sets the social bar high.

4. Communications lessons from the back seat of an Uber

There are plenty of ways to kill time during an Uber ride – such as eating your perfect Boloco order. Or, as one Metis team member recalls, a conversation with your driver could offer some valuable insights about marketing, PR, client service and life.

5. What's the difference between traditional and new media?

Is new media really that different from its traditional form? Jian Deleon of Complex Magazine doesn’t think so – it’s all about reaching your target audience.

6. Making maternity leave work for companies and employees

A Ping-Pong table and a stocked fridge might attract young and creative employees, but benefits like a comprehensive parental leave plan can encourage them to stay long term. Here, we share our tips for making family leave as productive and painless as possible. (In the office, anyway.)


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