5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Blog Posts

September 27, 2012

By: Rachel
How do I get more blog readers?
This question plagues marketers and bloggers alike, but you can find the answers in your own blog posts. Do you analyze your posts to see which content resonates with readers? Doing so provides invaluable insight. At Inbound 2012, Pamela Vaughan shared what makes HubSpot's most-read blogs popular.

  1. Original data: A surefire way to attract readers is to offer analysis and insight that they can't find elsewhere.
  2. Controversy: Instead of covering a trend from the same angle as 25 other bloggers, take a stance on the trend and inspire a debate among readers.
  3. Timing: While this is not always possible, being the first to cover a news story will ensure readers come to you for reference. For example, if your blog targets marketers, you could share how to make the most of a new social media site.
  4. Fun factor: Don't forget that your readers are human, too. They will surely appreciate a bit of humor or entertainment. Not every blog needs to be lighthearted, but having a balance prevents boredom.
  5. Catchy title: Your title might be a visitor's only indicator of the content of the post, especially when it's shared across social sites. Spend time on your title to bring as many readers in as possible.

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