5 Health apps for PR pros on the go

September 15, 2015
by Admin

By: Jessie
Ask any PR pro – when your work relies heavily on breaking news, your days are bound to be fast-paced. Outside of the office, it’s important to balance yourself with hobbies and activities that help you disconnect and show up prepared the next day. One tried-and-true way to recharge your physical and mental energy is to work out, and as we’ve found in our office, one of the best ways to motivate yourself to do that is to share your tactics with others.
Between frequenting local spin classes and training for marathons, Metis team members find various ways to get active. Below are some of the tricks, by way of apps, that we use to get moving and track our progress:

  • Nike+ Running:
    • “The app tells me every time I’ve hit a mile, and actually cheers me on randomly throughout the run. It alerts me when I have run my fastest mile, compares my activity to the prior week and congratulates me when I’ve covered new ground. It also logs my miles each month, so I can track my heaviest ones. At the end of every run, the app asks me to gauge how I felt during the run and if I ran on a road, beach, trail or track. I love it.” – Christina Andrade, executive operations manager
  • Wellcoin:
    • “Recently, I'm obsessed with Wellcoin. In the app, you can log activities that are mentally and physically healthy – anything from choosing a healthy beverage to spending time with your pet to eating a healthy lunch. You take a picture to prove you did the activity, and the Wellcoin community votes on how honest it seems. Then, you earn wellcoins, which you can redeem for gift cards and discounts (for example, a $10 gift card to Whole Foods is 2,000 wellcoins).” - Sam Rushovich, assistant account executive
  • Couch to 5k:
    • “As someone who used to fake sick in middle school anytime we had to run the mile, I never thought I'd actually enjoy running, let alone willfully sign up for a race. But it's all thanks to this app. I wouldn't say it turned me into a running lover, but it gave me a doable plan for learning how to run for more than one minute straight. It alternates running and walking intervals, and you can use it outside or on a treadmill, always with your music playing in the background.”  – Ellen Miller, social media strategist
  • RunKeeper:
    • “I use RunKeeper on and off. It depends on what kind of run it is – ambitious or casual.” – Ali Keppler, senior account executive
  • IntervalTimer:
    • Whether you’re taking on some high-intensity interval training during a run or bike ride, or circuit training between a few different gym machines, this simple app can help. Its custom timer buzzes when you should switch to a different activity, all while your own music is playing simultaneously. If you’re like me and enjoy exercise because it offers a mental break, these reminders are ideal.

Metis offers wellness programs and gym rebates to its employees. Contact us to learn more.

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