3 Things Every Marketer Should Know About Social Advertising

September 24, 2015

You know a presentation is good when you’re too busy to live tweet about it. Throughout Larry Kim’s 45-minute INBOUND session, I took notes so furiously that I barely had time to look up at the hilarious slides, let alone share his social advertising wisdom with the Twitterverse.

Seriously – this guy knows his stuff. You can spend time perusing his slides to get the full rundown, but below is an overview of my biggest A-Ha! moments during his INBOUND talk, “The Top 10 Social Media Advertising Hacks of All Time.”

  1. Paying to promote your posts isn’t cheating – and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Larry began his talk with the observation that his session was the only one at INBOUND focused on paid media. His take on that: people who do social and content for a living tend to think of paying as a copout – if you put in enough effort and creativity into something, you shouldn’t have to pay, the thinking goes. In reality, however, social advertising requires a whole lot of creativity and strategic thinking, and just $50 can help get your awesome content campaigns in front of the right audience. It’s not like using a cheat code. Paid social belongs in your content marketing strategy.
  1. The more engaging your posts, the less you’ll pay for more impressions. Perhaps it sound obvious, but the best way to know what content to promote is by paying attention to which posts perform well organically. Look through Twitter analytics and Facebook insights, both available on the platforms, to see which posts have the highest engagement rates, and promote those. Promoted posts with a higher “relevancy score” on Facebook and higher “Quality Adjusted Bid” on Twitter (which is basically a measure of how relevant, resonant and fresh the posts are) will receive more ad impressions at a lower cost.
  1. Social advertising is the new email marketing. Email still has its place, but Larry did open our eyes to the possibilities of advertising to a custom email list on Twitter and Facebook. You simply upload a file with contact information and– ta-da! – your promoted post gets in front of your designated prospects. Larry told the story of how he wrote an article about Google+, shared it on social media and then paid just $50 to get that article in front of his list of industry reporters and influencers. Within two hours, the story was covered by Marketing Land. Two days later, there were 500 press pickups and more than 100,000 new referrals to his company’s website. Now that’s some serious ROI.

For anyone looking to accelerate a content campaign or increase brand awareness, a promoted post could be a game changer. Shoot us a tweet at @Metis_Comm if you have any questions about getting started.

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