3 Steps to Creating Your Best E-book Yet

October 18, 2012

By: Rachel
Creating a popular e-book might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Smart marketers abide by the strategy of leveraging content across multiple platforms, from videos to blogs to whitepapers – a strategy that carries through to e-books.
HubSpot's Maggie Georgieva recently left Inbound 2012 attendees with three tips for using existing content to create popular e-books.

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1. Choose the right content.
You can write an e-book on just about anything, but if you want positive results, choose your topics based on data. Look to see what was successful about your other content:

  • What were your most-read blogs about?
  • Which site pages and landing pages on your site are most popular?
  • Which email marketing campaigns resonated most with your audience?

2. Publish often.
Give readers new material and new content to keep them coming back. Georgieva suggested that it's more important to create and publish content than to perfect it. Once it's published, listen to feedback from your readers and optimize from there. And remember, content creation doesn't have to be difficult. Consider a curated e-book. Either research comments and thoughts from industry influencers yourself, or turn to social media and poll your networks on a particular topic. For example, ask people to chime in on the best piece of management advice they've ever heard.
3. Keep optimizing.
Analyze your e-books' performance and keep doing more of what's working. Your efforts will be better spent here instead of on trying to rescue what's not working.
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