15 Minutes and a glass of water (and then 15 more minutes and a glass of wine)

January 10, 2017

For someone who spent a lot of her free time as a child writing (a sentence per page), illustrating (poorly, but nonetheless) and publishing (by sewing a cardboard cover around loose leaf papers), and for someone who later enjoyed writing countless journal entries as a teenager, a few fledgling novels as a 20-something and approximately 5,000 client press releases in her 30s as part of building a business around the written word, it is shocking that I don’t write more often for our company blog.

It’s not that I suffer from writer’s block when I sit down to write for Metis; it’s that I rarely sit down to do it. I know, I know… All day long I tell clients how important it is to express their thought leadership. Their words give prospects an idea of their company values and vision, and can help create meaningful engagements with their customers. Then why don’t I take my own advice? Until now, I haven’t felt a need to.

Our business is more than 90-percent referral based because of the stellar work we do; I didn’t have to spend time building my personal or professional profile to attract new clients, because our phone consistently rings when contacts we’ve worked with over the years want to rejoin forces as they enter new positions or want to refer us to someone they care about who needs a solid communications partner. That’s still the case, and yet I am committing to writing more.

Why? Well, because some super smart teammates are telling me it’s time. Plus, I’m realizing that as we continue to grow our team, it’s important that people know who I am, what I’m all about, what I have to say, who they’re choosing to follow while they advance their personal and professional goals. So, while we don’t need my thought leadership for business development, it’s important for recruitment. As a founding partner, it’s important for people to know who I am, what I believe in, how I work; all before they arrive. The more potential teammates know coming in the door for their first interviews, the more sure we’ll be that, by the time the hiring process is complete, they’re here for the long run because there will be few surprises. Sure, they can ask questions in the interview, but they’ll know so much more if they’re able to read about how I/we handle situations, motivate our teams, go through our daily lives. It’s better for them and better for us.

You’re a few paragraphs in, and you might be wondering what the hell the above has to do with 15 minutes, water or wine. Here’s the scoop: In an effort to write more, I decided today that I would sit down every couple days for 15 minutes, with a glass of water. I’ll freewrite for that time with the intention of creating a blog. During that time, I’ll drink a glass of water because, well, it’s just a good thing to do. Haha. The first time I did that, (a version) of the above idea surfaced. Then, I put it aside. That evening, I sat back down for 15 minutes to crystallize the earlier free thoughts into a more cohesive narrative. I drank a glass of wine as I wrote, just because. Haha. Then, I flipped the draft to my aforementioned super smart teammates to help me finalize and post. My simple mission of sitting down for only 15 minutes worked.

That’s the process I’m committing to. What process have you committed to lately? Is it working?

Also, potential recruits, shoot me a note if you want to meet up - I’d love to tell you more about Metis and our last 11 years to see if this crazy family sounds like a good fit for you.


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