10 Ways B2B companies can successfully use QR codes

October 4, 2012

By: Meaghan

To many of us, it's no surprise that quick response (QR) codes play an important role in business-to-consumer marketing. QR codes are 2-D matrix bar codes that hold a large amount of information. We see them everywhere. We can scan them with our smartphones and immediately access more information. Chief Marketer found scans of barcodes and QR codes are up 15 percentage points to 68 percent of responders in a 2012 survey as compared to the same time last year. This statistic reflects QR codes gaining ground as the top mobile marketing method.

QR codes are a way to link print and mobile marketing in the business world. This technology is just one of the cues business-to-business marketers have taken from their B2C peers. QR codes let B2B marketers increase reach and measure their return on campaign investments.

Recently, our B2B clients have been asking about the benefits of QR codes. Companies that provide a QR code present their customers with the opportunity to learn more on their own. So how are we seeing B2B companies successfully using QR codes?

Here are the top 10 ways to successfully use QR codes in B2B marketing:

  1. At conferences, events and trade shows
  2. At speaking engagements
  3. On business cards
  4. In print ads
  5. For marketing takeaways
  6. In surveys
  7. On product packaging
  8. On invoices
  9. In direct mail
  10. In investor materials

When starting a QR code initiative, be sure to:

  • Align your actions with your marketing plan goals.
  • Identify the key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Determine the objectives and target audiences.

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