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February 12, 2019

One of my (many) new year’s resolutions was to take better control of my inbox and not return to 6,000+ unopened emails after a week-long vacation (which yes, is an unfortunate true story). Especially when only 200 of these emails were worth my time and attention.

My first plan of attack? Unsubscribing from newsletters. 

If you're like me, your inbox is probably flooded with newsletters from different publications and companies each morning. It’s overwhelming. And let’s be real – do you actually read each one?

To better manage this, I performed a KonMari method on my inbox by subscribing to only the most valuable newsletters – and unsubscribing from those that didn’t give me “maximum” insights and joy. 

Without further ado, these are the 10 newsletters I remained subscribed to for all my PR and marketing, content writing and business insight needs:

  1. CMO Today – The Wall Street Journal’s CMO newsletter is my favorite newsletter out there for all things PR, marketing, advertising, madtech and beyond. It shares what you need to know for the day, as well as top industry articles from other publications in the field like MediaPost, Digiday, Ad Exchanger and Campaign. The entire Metis team also agreed on this one – we’re a fan of their puns and song tie-ins.

  2. FORTUNE Term Sheet – FORTUNE offers a wide variety of newsletters catered to a specific industry or executive position, and they’re always welcome in my inbox as they give the latest companies and trends to watch. Term Sheet is the top of the bunch and a must-read for our team. Metis works with startups, and it’s essential for me – and the rest of the team – to keep an eye on funding trends and what stories writers are working on in case there’s a chance to pitch our client’s funding news.

  3. Know Your Team’s The Heartbeat – Claire Lew, founder and CEO of Know Your Team, created this bi-weekly newsletter on how to become a better leader. She adds a personal touch to every issue. She interviews some A+ executives and curates truly helpful, no-BS content. A (future and current) leader’s dream come true.

  4. Nieman Lab's The Digest – Want to keep track of where the news is headed in the digital age? Me too. Which is how I became addicted to Neiman Lab. This newsletter provides all the latest and freshest info on the future of journalism.

  5. The Skimm – For those who are always on the go and don’t have enough time to read through all the morning headlines (aka me), The Skimm is a nice resource. It doesn’t take long to read and the key stories you need to know are always in there. Just know it’s a newsletter that “respects brunch,” so expect humor and sass with the news.

  6. Creative Mornings – Creative is in the name so you know it’s good. Creative Mornings’ weekly newsletter curates interesting and thought-provoking articles I love, like six powerful psychological biases and how they influence human behavior online and finding the strange magic of your true self. Just make sure you carve out plenty of time in the morning to read some of these thoughtful articles. 
  1. The Aspen Institute’s 5 Best Ideas of the Day – Who will most likely be impacted by automation? Could what you eat impact your brain and memory? These are the sort of questions and ideas raised in The Aspen Institute’s daily newsletter. Introduced to me by Metis founder Cathy Atkins, it gets my creative juices flowing for possible story ideas, and it covers all areas that are important in life – politics, science, education, tech, etc. Plus, I can always use a fun fact to share at my next cocktail party. 
  1. Ann Handley’s Total ANNARCHY – Every two weeks, digital marketing pioneer Ann Handley shares new writing, useful ideas and important reads focused on marketing tips that ignite real results. Her anecdotes nicely ease you into the content, and then she continues to add perspective to the content she's linking to. Best part? It's always interesting.
  1. Scott Monty’s Timeless Wisdom for Your Inbox – Rachel Sullivan, director of marketing, brought Scott Monty’s weekly newsletter to my attention – and man, am I grateful. He shares a modern-day lesson based on historical happenings. From lessons in human nature, behavior and norms that go beyond the latest tech advancement, his content really makes you think.
  1. Metis Minute – Well, we couldn’t leave this one off. We’re full of badass PR and marketing ideas and we want to share our notes from the field with you. I might be biased, but the insights we share twice a month can propel you and your team forward.

Consider the above list a live document: it’s ever-changing and expanding. Which is why we want to know: Do you have a go-to newsletter you read each morning? Don’t be shy! Tell us on Twitter at @MetisComm.

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