Know Your Team’s (formerly Know Your Company) mission is to help as many business owners as possible create open, honest work environments. In support of that mission, Know Your Team wanted to exponentially grow its awareness, expand its prospect pool and convert more leads into customers. Metis recommended Know Your Team leverage the data from its happy customer base, along with its CEO’s insights and advice, to create and publish a report and e-book. The goal of these assets was to help prospects solve their No. 1 pain point: connecting with employees as their businesses grow. Metis helped Know Your Team optimize its website for conversions, and shared content and thought leadership through top-tier media coverage, blogs and social media to reach the target audience and attract them to the website.

57 %
More software trial signups, 14% more quality leads and 7% more sales on redesigned site compared to previous version
34 %
Increased sales in 90-day period while working with Metis compared to previous four-month period from increased exposure
National, top-tier coverage in Fortune, Huffington Post, Amex OPEN Forum and more
Established strategy, processes and priorities for a focused marketing program the three-person company can continue to execute
About Know Your Team
A software tool that helps business owners get to know employees and overcome company growing pains

“Business owners constantly ask me who’s doing our PR and marketing, because they see Know Your Team everywhere. I just point them to Metis.”

Claire Lew