Top 5 PR Tips and Marketing Strategy Advice Blogs in 2020

December 22, 2020

We work hard to simplify our clients’ lives, save them money and get results that move their business forward. The goal of our blog is not much different - we want to help make your life a bit easier and provide insight that’ll advance your efforts. 

So, we took some time to dig up our most-read blogs of 2020. The results were telling. You were most interested in our public relations (PR) guidance, COVID-19 resources, advice for working remotely and content tips. 

Below we summarize our top five blogs and the insight you valued most.

Making Sure Your PR Efforts Are A Slam Dunk 

Don’t think PR and basketball have a lot in common? Think again. In this blog, we used quotes from pro basket players to explain how you can ensure your PR efforts are a slam dunk

Some key advice includes:

  • At Metis, each of our accounts are run by teams and there is a reason for that. Everyone has an important role to play, and all of these “parts” or “players” moving together is what makes each account successful. 
  • Fresh, innovative ideas can often be the difference between winning a game or an account, or not. Never be afraid to try new things.

What a Long Strange Trip - Resources That Matter 

In March, the coronavirus changed everything overnight - from the way we socialize, shop, exercise, the list goes on. And there’s no denying that everyone’s jobs are different today - from media relations professionals to sales peoples, content marketers to CEOs. 

To help you sort through the information deluge and understand what is worth your time, we compiled resources that are worthy of your attention. Some of our favorites include:

Relieving Remote Pandemic Pressure 

We’re a remote-first company so we’re pretty savvy to remote working. In fact, we have 15 years of experience. So it wasn’t very surprising to find that our blog about coping with work from home life was one of our most-read posts. Some of our favorite pieces of advice include:

  • Set boundaries for your new “coworkers” - aka your children, partner and/or roommates
  • Routines are key so do your best to keep yours in order to remain a sense of normalcy
  • Don’t forget to take breaks during the work day - off-hours are still important 

Why Empathy and Mindful Marketing Matter 

In another popular blog, we provided advice about reevaluating your business strategies, how you work and marketing and awareness efforts. 

Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that companies speak with their audiences with empathy and truly mindful marketing. Of course, there are variables that are specific to each company with respect to tone and approach, but if you lead with positive intent, then you’re already on the right path. A few key things to keep in mind include:

  • Bring value to your audience
  • Acknowledge your audience’s perspective 
  • Be mindful of your audience’s emotions and “get it”
  • Stay aware and evaluate in real time how you market and sell to people

Adding Flavor To Your B2B Content

When it comes to PR B2B tech writing you usually get dry material and then need to punch it up. We know that isn’t always easy so we’re glad you found our advice for turning tech alphabet soup into consumable PR content beneficial

Here’s a quick recap of some of our advice:

  • Don’t skimp on your headline - if you can’t get your reader’s attention at the top, they’ll never get to the bottom
  • Make sure your content is easy on the eyes keeping paragraphs short and sweet
  • Give your readers what they want, cut out the fluff and get to the point 

This year has been one for the books, but through it all we’ve done our best to adapt and share our key learnings with you. 

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