Stop wasting time with old-school email: 6 email marketing tips

You’ve got mail.” Could you imagine if all of our incoming emails still said this? I think our team would collectively pull its hair out.

The majority of Metis’ internal communication takes place on project management platform (and client) Basecamp – a conscious move to help free us from email’s constant deluge. However, email remains the No. 1 form of professional communication, and newsletters and product offers still constantly arrive in personal inboxes.

Solutions like can help ensure you’re keeping the valuable newsletters and cleaning out the rest, but the truth remains: email isn’t usually a great experience. Whether you’re conducting team business, nurturing potential customers or sending out a newsletter, we could all step up our email game.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best tips we can find to help improve email once and for all.

1. Marketing Land: Email marketing in the age of social media

We all know that the big five social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat) are running the world right now. The thing is, email marketing is producing some really solid ROI these days – 4,300 percent. In fact, columnist Scott Heimes thinks you should leverage social media to grow your email marketing capacity. Why not try a Twitter ad to drive newsletter sign-ups? Sounds like a win if you ask me.

2. Emma: 4 reasons people aren’t engaging with your email

Email marketers know the struggle all too well: you fire off (what you think is) the most amazing, well-crafted campaign. But once you start checking your performance, you realize you’re on par with industry averages. Our client Emma wants to help turn that ship around with several rock solid tips to get those customers opening and clicking again.

3. Forbes: The email marketing enigma

Writes Steve Olenski: “On one hand, open rates for emails sent in 1Q 2016 were the highest (33.3 percent) they’ve been over the previous eight quarters.” Okay, sounds good. On the other hand, fewer emails were reaching inboxes at all. Well, that’s not good. Marketing guru Olenski goes deep to try and figure out why there are so many discrepancies amongst the data email marketing is producing.

4. HubSpot: 15 of the best email marketing campaign examples you've ever seen

If your inbox is like mine, it’s probably flooded with companies trying to sell products or get you to register for events. Every now and then, though, a campaign will float through my inbox that makes me stop and stare. Lindsay Kolowich of HubSpot has pulled together 15 campaigns that will make you do the same. Psst: take notes.

5. Insightly: Tips to improve email deliverability

First and foremost, you need great content. It should be timely, relevant, insightful, and engagingly well-written. Offer people your content in exchange for adding them to your email list. Make it simple for people to opt-in by keeping forms on landing pages short and sweet."

6. Metis Communications: 9 Free Google Chrome extensions every marketer needs

You didn’t think we’d miss out on the fun, did you? One of the ways you can streamline your email game is by simply streamlining your entire Chrome process. Scheduling emails, easily inserting GIFs and emojis into drafts, saving articles to send to peers later – all of these tasks are made simple by Chrome extensions. What are you waiting for?


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