11 Email newsletters that deserve space in your inbox

May 5, 2016

Hi. My name is Rebecca, and I am a newsletter junkie.

My addiction started innocently enough. My job is to create content people want to read, so by necessity, I look at a lot of stuff others create. I look to be inspired. I look to learn what NOT to do. I look to learn how standards are changing and which tactics have become such established “best practices,” they’re no longer likely to stand out as special.

Most of this looking starts in my inbox, where I get (at last count) more than a dozen email newsletters on a regular basis. I recently asked my co-workers which newsletters they find valuable. Below are the best of the bunch for anyone interested in management, marketing, startups, pop culture, current events and more. Getting ready to fall deep into your inbox.

  1. NextDraft: I don’t know how he does what he does, but Dave Pell really does find “the day’s most fascinating news,” as he promises in the tagline for this absolutely essential daily newsletter.
  2. CEO.com: Whether you’re a real-life CEO or the chief executive of your own ambition, you’ll find useful articles here about leadership. Choose the daily or weekly edition.
  3. Emma: Our client Emma is an expert in email marketing, and its team shares great, actionable tips for earning a spot in YOUR audiences’ inboxes.
  4. LennyLetter: It’s official; Lena Dunham can do everything. Subscribe for essays on politics, health, culture and more.
  5. CMO Today: This newsletter from The Wall Street Journal compiles the daily headlines that matter most to media and marketing professionals.
  6. The Daily Skimm: Want some sass with your news? This one is for you.
  7. First Round Review: Subscribe to one of this VC firm’s “magazines” and you’ll get smart, relevant articles about management, company culture, engineering, marketing, sales – pretty much any topic you could want.
  8. The Ann Friedman Weekly: This newsletter from a prolific freelance journalist arrives late on Friday afternoon – perfect timing for an email you’ll want to linger over throughout the weekend.
  9. The Weekly Sprint: This newsletter from VentureApp promises insights from and for the startup and tech community – and it delivers.
  10. ReadThisThing: The idea here is to get “one fascinating piece of journalism” every day, but sometimes they send a few fascinating pieces. You’ll want to read them all.
  11. Metis Minute: You didn’t think we’d leave this one off the list, did you? Sign up for our PR and marketing notes from the field. Get awesome stuff twice a month. Use it to win the day for your own team.

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