‘Stealing the copper coin’: How 19 Crimes is bringing marketing into the AR world

February 22, 2018

In the world of marketing and public relations, there are certain brands that just get it. And, when those brands also happen to be brands to which you’re loyal to, it makes your PR heart sing with joy.

I like to fancy myself an early adopter of what I consider one of the savviest marketers in the world of wine: 19 Crimes, a South Australian wine. 19 Crimes gets its name from the 19 different crimes that were punishable by “transportation” to what was, in the 18th century, the penal colony of Australia. Rather than be sentenced to death by Her Majesty, one could be sentenced to transportation to Australia. Of course, the journey in the 1780s could be harrowing and, for many, it was a death sentence.

But those who survived went on to forge new lives and a new country. This wine is a celebration of their stories. The corks each have one of the 19 crimes listed on them (“stealing the copper coin” is one of 19 crimes). For reference, I’ve been loyal to this wine for about five years and collecting the corks. I’m still missing two, so I keep trying. See? They are really winning the marketing game.  

I’m certain you didn’t come to Metis Communications’ blog to read about wine, though, take my word for it, it is a very, very good wine for the price point. So, back to how you could learn a thing or two about marketing and PR from 19 Crimes.

At Metis, we pride ourselves on what we call creative badassery. 19 Crimes, it would seem, does, as well. 19 Crimes’ real mic drop came when it introduced its augmented reality app. The bottles, themselves, each feature a convict. When you download their app and point your phone at the convicts, they tell their tale. You can also watch the convicts tell their stories here.

It’s a great party trick. But what’s more is that it is revolutionizing the way a South Australian winemaker is leading the charge in using augmented reality in a marketing plan. There are other companies doing it, too, including IKEA, Kate Spade and Patron. Patron, the high-end tequila maker, allows its customers to “visit” a distillery in Mexico, where its tequila is made. The AR experience includes a bartender and an agave field.

If you want to talk more about how we can put our creative badassery to work for you, or if you want to introduce augmented reality into your marketing plan, learn more about how we can help.

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