Six Benefits of Having a Company Blog

April 16, 2015

Some companies are quick to jump on the blogging bandwagon. Others are hesitant because they don’t understand exactly how important a company blog can be for raising awareness, creating thought leadership and driving leads.
Here are six major benefits that can result from having a well-maintained company blog:

  1. You can develop relationships with industry influencers.

Referring to bloggers, commenting on blogs and contributing to other blogs can help you form relationships with people discussing your industry. Who knows? A blogger you constantly interact with might end up at a great publication.

  1. Blogs create more online exposure for your company. This makes you more searchable on Google.

Google results favor websites that are updated often. By having a company blog, you are updating a page on your website regularly. When people search a topic and you have recently written a post about it, they will be led to your blog and ultimately key areas of your company website.

  1. A blog can help you develop further credibility in your industry.

Your company blog is a place for you to share your thoughts on industry trends and news. This not only shows that you have interesting commentary and original insights, but that you are willing to share your expertise to help visitors with their problems and questions.

  1. Your blog is another place where journalists and other bloggers can get quotes from you.

Journalists use Google to research stories, and having a regularly updated blog can help your Google search ranking. If a journalist is doing research about a particular industry and your company blog pops up, chock full of great quotes and insights, she can quote you directly from your blog or reach out to you for an interview.

  1. Connect directly to your customers.

Sometimes the best way for customers to hear news is directly from you, rather than – or in addition to – the version that gets filtered through the media.If there is a new initiative or a change in staffing, why not talk about it on your blog?

  1. Display your company culture and let your employees’ personalities shine through.

A blog is a way to give your employees a voice. The blog can be a place to show who your company is and what your employees are thinking.
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