PR, Lead-Gen Pays Off for High-Tech Startups

December 6, 2011
by Guest

Guest blog by Kirsten Foon, senior director of marketing at Embotics

This blog is dedicated to all you non-believers out there. You know who you are. Maybe you are a product marketer or a superstar on the sales team. Either way, you probably don't believe that PR and marketing correlates to inbound leads for your product. Well my friends, you are wrong.

We are huge believers of PR at Embotics, and our activity with influencers and the buyer community over the years has cemented the industry's perception of us as a market veteran with a product that works and a smart team behind the curtains. Beyond the general industry buzz from our PR and marketing efforts, we've seen some solid lead-gen results, as well. In an age when measurement is key, we are constantly evaluating our efforts to determine how the results match our needs as a software company selling in a crowded market.

Metis recommended the following activities to us. They resulted in hot, qualified leads almost immediately.

  • Guest blogging: Our chief architect has his own personal blog on, which reaches more than 1.2 million readers weekly. He talks from an industry perspective about issues, challenges and trends within the cloud computing market. Leads ensue.
  • Product reviews: Our V-Commander 4.0 solution was featured (quite favorably) in a standalone article in Virtualization Review. Metis worked with the editors to arrange a product demo and briefing that resulted in a write-up that lauded our product, so much so that it concluded calling our product “a winner,” “intuitive,” and so feature rich that the author “can't even begin to talk about all of its capabilities.” Of course that resulted in leads.
  • Product tours and customer testimonials: When we launched V-Commander 4.0, Metis got us more than 20 media and analyst briefings. One of the resulting pieces of coverage yielded eight leads and our biggest competitor spending more than an hour on our site within an hour of the article appearing.

Do you see a trend? Leads and PR go together. Metis always strives to make sure our actions make sense and drive value, and if they don't, we shift. This has resulted in a well-rounded campaign that positions us highly in the market and drives interest to our solution. Needless to say, we are believers.

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