How to optimize your content for search

November 19, 2015
by Admin

By: Rebecca
Over the past several years, marketers and PR pros have been honing their abilities to create compelling content that attracts prospects. While the material being created ranges in quality – from excellent stuff that helps potential customers solve problems to hastily thrown-together, barely disguised advertisements – all of this inbound marketing content has one thing in common: it’s contributing to a whole lot of competition for attention online.
It’s not enough anymore to create a content calendar, populate a blog or churn out e-books and SlideShare presentations – even if the material is exceptionally good. Content might be king, but if it isn’t backed by a strategic distribution strategy, its only reign will be over a very small, very underpopulated kingdom.
Following are some tips to help you optimize your content for search. Check out tips from these industry resources:
Help prospects find your SlideShares:
From design to SEO descriptions to links, these tips from Social Media Examiner will help you optimize your presentations on the increasingly popular SlideShare channel.
Draw visitors to your blog:
The Content Marketing Institute shares some blog optimization tips, including how to use paid social media to boost traffic to your posts.
Get your infographic in front of prospects:
The Next Web argues that infographics are the best way to build links under current SEO guidelines and to increase discoverability online.
Make and distribute better e-books:
HubSpot covers it all in this blog, from how to create an e-book people want to read to promoting it and tracking the returns.
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