How To Gain Market Awareness With Limited Resources

We're passionate about cleantech at Metis, and we're passionate about PR. So why not combine the two?
We recently hosted an event for Refuel (formerly Women In Clean Tech), which is made up of women in the cleantech industry around Boston. From MIT students to LEED-accredited professionals, the group is full of bright women who care about making our world cleaner. Check out the tips we gave Refuel on how to be successful in PR and marketing and thereby, cleantech.

Media and analyst relations: It's important to build relationships with people, especially members of the media and analyst communities. Remember to always be polite. Even if targets don't want to talk to you at the moment, they might soon enough. Sometimes reporters don't have time to interview your company and write an article, but they often accept contributed articles. Maintain a positive relationship with a reporter, and she could call you looking for an article written by your company.

Social media: Companies can use social media to talk with industry influencers. You're reaching out to reporters and analysts who are covering the latest trends in the space, so be sure to connect with them via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Whether you post their articles or ask them questions, they'll see your company's name.

Traditional marketing: Traditional marketing is a great way to reach customers because they're already familiar with these strategies. They're exposed to ads and videos in their daily lives, so why not produce your own media for them? Try creating an e-newsletter to keep prospects and partners updated on the latest happenings. Just remember to be consistent. If you send the newsletter on a certain day every month, keep sending it at that time.

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