Great PR work relies on clearing your head sometimes

On Sept. 3, I left my apartment with my satchel slung over my shoulder as I do every morning. It wasn’t until I got around the corner that I got that feeling everyone dreads. I’d forgotten something – my suitcase. I boarded a plane that evening for a trip to England, but the only thing on my mind when I left my apartment was getting to work and tying up every loose end before my vacation began.

One of Metis’ core values is “work hard; play hard.” It takes dedication to do great work, but time away from our laptops and desks is just as important.

Here are some of the trips our team members took this summer:


“I went to Seattle and Portland, Oregon, with my husband and kids to visit friends. The last time the four of us took a week-long ‘vacation’ was more than a year ago, and we spent it moving from Alabama to Massachusetts – a happy occasion, but hardly a vacation. I enjoyed training my eyes on waterfalls and seascapes and forests for a few days instead of on my laptop. It was rejuvenating.”


“I cruised from Boston to Bermuda, which was my first-ever cruise. I loved the sunshine on the beach, snorkeling shipwrecks and seeing the crystal-clear water that everyone raved about.”


“I went to York and London in England. My girlfriend lived there for the last year. We spent a week in York, where she’s attended university, before heading down to London for the weekend. Aside from seeing my lady for the first time in five months, I’ll never forget my first trip to Emirates Stadium to see my beloved Arsenal win, 2-0.”


“I traveled to Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome. I'd never been to Europe, so I was overwhelmed but excited to experience the culture and see the historic sites. It was amazing to roam the streets of each city and eating local cuisine, especially the meat and cheese in Italy. The Tuscany wine tour was my most anticipated event, and it lived up to my expectations.”

Fifty-six percent of Americans haven’t taken a vacation in the last 12 months, according to Allianz Travel Insurance’s annual Vacation Confidence Index. Without time to wind down and step away from work, people are at risk for everything from health problems to lost creativity and energy for the job. Vacation isn’t a frivolity. It’s a critical component of a positive work culture – even if that means taking a few weeks to forget about work and a few minutes to remember our suitcases.


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