Five Tips to Build Your Facebook Fan Page

May 24, 2012

By: Rachel
At this point, most companies have a Facebook presence. But once you're on the social networking mega-site, how do you make it pay off? Follow these five steps to improve your returns and increase brand awareness.

  1. Engage – Don't get in the bad habit of talking at your fans. You want to talk with them. Providing relevant content and presenting the opportunity for your fans to contribute or asking for their opinions will increase Facebook fan activity.
  2. Go beyond the standard tabs – Facebook offers a standard fan page layout with tabs for company info, events, photos and video, but you can do so much more. Check out the Static IFRAME app to design your own tabs or integrate your YouTube and Twitter accounts. Take advantage of the options available to provide your fans with a complete experience.
  3. Add multimedia – Fans love seeing different forms of content. Photos, video or music are all guaranteed to get more of a reaction than just text. Mix up your postings so your audience has a varied experience.
  4. Avoid too much self-promotion – No one likes talking to the person at a cocktail party who can only brag about herself. Same goes for Facebook. It's expected that brands will post a certain amount of bragging content, but don't overdo it. Also, post stories that relate to your industry, ask for input from fans or post a video from an industry event you attended. Your main goal should be to provide fans with valuable content, not to talk about how your company is an “industry leader.”
  5. Follow best posting practices – Dan Zarella of HubSpot analyzed the best times and frequency to post on Facebook. Follow his advice so you can reach the widest audience and grow your fans without turning people off with too-frequent updates.

Do you manage your company's Facebook brand page? Tell us what successful tactics you've discovered.

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