10 Years of PR, Marketing and Social Media Evolution [SLIDESHARE]

October 13, 2015
by Admin

By: Rebecca
In the 10 years since Metis opened its doors for business, there have been a lot of changes in this industry. To build true influence today, companies need an integrated communications approach, including a mix of media relations and content, inbound and social media marketing – all tailored to their individual strategic goals.
This landscape didn’t take shape overnight. From the launch of Google Analytics in 2005 to Oreo’s inspired, real-time tweet during the 2013 Super Bowl blackout and beyond, there have been some watershed moments in the last decade that marked turning points in public relations and marketing.
To understand where the nature of influence building is heading in the next 10 years, we need to understand where we’ve been during the last 10. That’s the subject of our latest SlideShare presentation, “10 Years of PR, Marketing and Social Media Evolution.”

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