How to turn a great article mention into a killer sales tool
December 21, 2013

Media relations is a key ingredient to a successful PR campaign, but the fun does not end once the ink meets the paper. That is only the beginning. Once an awesome article is live, there is much left to do to get the most mileage out of it. Companies can take to their social media accounts to tweet and share the piece with their followers, or extend its reach through content distribution, curation and recommendation services.
The next step is to get the article past the walls of the marketing and PR departments and into the hands of other employees. Send a weekly wrap-up email that details the media coverage the company received that week. Or hang a hard copy of an article in the break room to bring up the team’s morale; employees love to see their company’s name in lights.
Next, determine the type of article it is. Does it highlight the company, an executive, a product, the technology or perhaps a customer? No matter what it is, the journey for this placement is far from over. Every piece of coverage is a potential sales tool, as it presents third-party validation for the company and its products.
Did you score a top-tier profile of the company, the CEO or another top executive? Share it with the sales team and explain how they can use it to highlight the success of the company and its employees. When a sales executive is in a meeting with a prospective client, and he asks about the management team, the sales executive can reach into the folder and pull out that New York Times CEO Corner article and instantly prove the CEO’s expertise and leadership.
What if a prospective customer asks about how others in his industry have succeeded with the product? That’s easy; the sales executive can open up his bag of tricks and pull out a few examples of customer success stories from top publications that cover that industry.
Or maybe the customer is interested in hearing some more specifics about the technology. A sales executive can sell the product himself, but an article quoting a top-tier analyst in the industry sure helps.
So, next time you high-five over a top-tier media hit, remember that the job is not done. Share it with your network and other team members to use it to its fullest extent.
How do you make the most of every piece of media coverage? Let us know in the comments.
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