It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…a super public relations hero!

January 24, 2013

By: Michelle
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You don't have to be a refugee who crash-landed from Krypton to succeed in PR, but taking on a few of Superman's best attributes certainly can help you become a media relations and PR superhero. Don't forget, Superman moonlighted as a reporter, so he understood how to use the media to his gain. Here are a few PR lessons from the Man of Steel.

  1. Tell the truth. Superman stands for truth, justice and the American way, and when it comes to media relations, you should, too. Be upfront with reporters, editors and sources every step of the way and you will avoid misunderstandings, missed opportunities and burned bridges. Practice some of the more sinister tactics of a Lex Luthor-type, and you'll get nothing but trouble.
  2. See through anything…pretty much. Superman's X-ray vision allowed him to see through virtually anything except lead. A skilled PR professional should be able to quickly cut through extraneous messaging and buzzwords to offer finely tuned talking points that will help an editor build a strong story.
  3. Flex your super-intellect. When Superman debuted in the original 1930s comic strip, better known as the Golden Age of his evolution, he possessed extreme mental and intellectual powers, including a photographic memory and the ability to learn multiple languages at once. While this is a tall order for a mere mortal, PR professionals are expected to handle both the big picture and the tiniest of details, while learning clients' industries inside and out.
  4. Sense danger and respond with speed. Ever notice how Superman always seems to appear just in the nick of time whenever Lois Lane needs him? A PR superhero is prepared for crisis situations and can move into response mode faster than a speeding bullet.
  5. Learn how to fly solo or be part of a super team. Sure, he can fly and leap tall buildings in a single bound, but even Superman needs a hand from other heroes sometimes. That's why he joined forces with the Justice League – and shares management duties with Batman. PR pros should be able to operate as a one-man-show or as a valuable member of a team of superstars.

Taking on some of Superman's most heroic qualities will help you build long-lasting relationships. Like Superman, your reputation is cemented in your strengths, superpowers and the understanding that you always do what you've promised.

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