How do you make the most of your data? Tips from 2 new Metis clients

December 19, 2017

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Would you want to read minds, so you could know everything and be one step ahead? Maybe that’s too risky, if you’re susceptible to lip-syncing a song stuck in someone else’s head, and you’d rather have the ability to fly (hello, easy commute) or be able to use invisibility to hide from tricky situations. There are many times we find ourselves wishing for things that could make us better or faster, and Metis’ lightning bolt is just the tip of our pursuit of superhero-like abilities.

Recently, we welcomed a couple new clients that are putting their own superpowers to work. TSO Logic is an analytics platform enterprises use for discovery and cloud planning, helping companies identify the optimal resources and configuration on their path to digital transformation in the cloud. XL Hybrids is a developer of simple, smart fleet electrification solutions for the commercial vehicle market, helping major brands improve miles per gallon and emissions for their trucks and vans. 

Why we’re excited to combine powers with these teams:

  1. Our experience made these partnerships no-brainers. Our longstanding data center practice; friendly relationships with channel, enterprise and national tech writers; and our expertise in leveraging partner co-marketing with public cloud providers, hardware giants and other heavy hitters were just a few of the reasons it made perfect sense to work with cloud analytics platform TSO Logic. We’ve also been in XL Hybrids’ space for a long time, building awareness of energy-efficient practices for fleet and trucking audiences, highlighting compelling energy stories for national press, and shining a light on growing Boston startups just like XL.
  1. Our new clients keep great company. TSO Logic has trusted partnerships with Amazon and Microsoft. XL Hybrids, fresh off an investment round with IKEA, helps fleets like Coca-Cola and Yale University. Every company faces steep challenges when it comes to standing out above the noise, so trusted partnerships and third-party validation go a long way to make audiences stop and listen.
  1. We’re committed to data-driven content. TSO Logic and XL Hybrids use a wealth of data to identify untapped opportunities for customers to move ahead of competition even faster. XL Hybrids provides fleets with data about vehicle idling, fuel usage and driving, and can also use this information to proactively provide preventative maintenance and keep fleet uptime at its maximum. TSO Logic provides clients with never-before-seen transparency in their data center environments, helping them to identify underutilized resources or untapped efficiencies.

Ready to become better, stronger, faster? Contact our team.  

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