Craft the perfect elevator pitch for PR

Everyone in the business world should have a crystal clear elevator pitch – a description of what you and your company offer that can be explained fully during an elevator ride. It's not always easy to sell yourself in such a brief amount of time; that brevity forces you to determine your most vital assets.
Here are some tips to keep in mind as you craft your pitch:

  1. Know your business. What are the key offerings of your company? Who are your clients? Remember to include only the most important takeaways that you want a potential new customer or business partner to hear. Keep it succinct.
  2. Know yourself. What is your role in the company? Be able to explain how you will be able to help and the service you provide. Give your listener a personal detail by which to remember you.
  3. Be adaptable. Understand to whom you're speaking and adapt your pitch to fit his or her needs. If you're speaking to a potential client in the consumer space, he most likely will not be interested in the details of your B2B capabilities. Be ready for multiple questions or reactions.
  4. Have a hook. Just like a pitch to a journalist, your first sentence for a prospect should grab the listener's attention right away. Give her a reason to listen to you.
  5. End with a call to action. Close your pitch with explicit directions for a next step. Whether that is scheduling a future meeting or promising to follow up in a week, make sure your listener knows what to expect.

Finally, keep your elevator pitch current, and remember to use it.

What's your elevator pitch?