21 Ways B2B companies can use live video

There’s no question about it: 2016 is the year of live video. Some say it’s just a craze. Others believe it’s the future of social networking. Either way, the rise of live video underscores audiences’ hunger for authentic, anything-can-happen experiences with brands, influencers and publishers.

As with most social media trends, emerging B2B companies may have to stretch further when creating video content than their B2C counterparts, who can do things like fry donuts and share makeup tricks while sipping rosé. On the bright side, live video offers B2B brands the opportunity to get creative, show their human sides and engage authentically – without needing to throw down a major production budget.

Ready to get started? Here are 21 ideas to try.

  1. Product reveal: Got a new product coming out? Pair your press release with a live video announcement, complete with a demo and Q&A.
  1. Ask-us-anything customer service hour: If your customers are the inquisitive type, a live video Q&A may be a perfect forum for building engagement and affinity. Be sure to promote to customers ahead of time and share a few questions for the beginning of the broadcast.
  1. Executive keynote: Your CEO nailed a speaking slot at a major industry conference. Make the most of it by broadcasting the keynote to your followers.
  1. Conference walkthrough: Bring your audience along to big trade shows and events by giving them the lay of the land. Highlight cool promotions, your booth’s location and anything unique about the conference setting.
  1. Office tour: Customers and job candidates alike will love seeing where the magic happens. Walk them around the office, introducing them to team members and office perks along the way.
  1. Game show giveaway: Ask trivia questions about your industry. Play “name that tune.” Try a classic game of hangman. Whatever you do, make it as interactive as possible and inspire participation by offering prizes to winners.
  1. Quick take on news: When major industry news hits, share your company’s analysis via Periscope.
  1. Booth promotion: Field marketers know how challenging it can be to drive booth traffic. Use live video to showcase what’s going down at your booth, why people should come and what sort of swag they can expect upon arrival.
  1. Influencer Q&A: Host an interview with an industry influencer and build in audience interaction. Soon, you’ll be able to broadcast from two locations on Facebook Live, which should help with the logistics.
  1. Customer takeover: Whether your customers are restaurant owners or solar builders, a live stream can be a great way to share their stories – and demonstrate your product in action.
  1. How to: Is there one question about your product you constantly hear? Does your CMO know a trick for cutting tomatoes that’s sure to amaze? Show the world with a how-to segment.
  1. Office antics: Nerf gun fights. Talent shows. Lettuce clubs. Every office has its thing. Live stream yours to help support recruitment efforts.
  1. Holiday-themed segment: Whether it’s Pi Day, the Fourth of July or National Chocolate Day, brainstorm creative ways for your team to celebrate on camera.
  1. CEO fireside chat: Give your audience some face time with your company’s head honcho. Prepare topics ahead of time or choose a timely subject, like the weekly data security chats hosted by our client, DataGravity, during National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Invite the audience to pipe in with thoughts and questions.
  1. Behind-the-scenes tour: Provide viewers with a look into how your product works or how your team ideates new features.
  1. Neighborhood feature: If you’re focused on boosting your local presence, consider broadcasting from hot spots in your neighborhood or providing local restaurant recommendations.
  1. Team challenge: Have you seen the Cheerios Challenge? It makes for great live TV. Try a challenge of your own and showcase the experience live.
  1. Webinar: Make your next webinar more interactive by taking the Q&A portion to live broadcast.
  1. Company celebration: Celebrating a funding round or new office opening? Take viewers inside your celebration, broadcasting speeches from company leaders and partners.
  1. Man-on-the-street interview: Whether you’re on the literal street or perusing through a trade show, this tactic involves approaching strangers with a specific question and broadcasting their answers on social.
  1. Surprise: Surprising a co-worker or customer? Take viewers along with you for the fun.


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