We ask a lot of our pr and communications clients
Together, we'll discuss your specific goals, the tactics we’ll use to reach them and the measurement strategies that can best assess the results. We request access to internal spokespeople, customer references, written content and other elements critical to success.
In return, here’s what you'll receive:

Results-driven work

Metis will deliver the outcomes we promise. In the event that a goal is in jeopardy, we will work with you to change tactics and adjust our approach so that we reach our objectives. Often, our clients find that we over deliver.

Integrated, relevant programs

There is no social media PR versus traditional PR. The modern environment demands both, and we will craft an individualized program that helps you reach the right audiences on the most pertinent platforms.

Open access

We are available when you need us, and we return calls, emails, instant messages, texts and SOS cries quickly.

Respect for resources

If you have one piece of content, we can make it work five, 10 or 15 different ways. If you have two customers available to speak with the media, we’ll target the best possible opportunities for them. Let us know what you have to work with, and we’ll make the most of what’s available.

Creative perfection

We’ll get as creative as you’re comfortable getting, and we’ll make sure that whatever work we do together goes out into the world proofed and polished.