Workplace Happiness = Employee Productivity

December 11, 2012

By: Kathryn
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Let's be honest here. There are days when every PR professional seriously dislikes her work due to stress, misunderstandings or those last-minute deadlines and requests. Not every workday can be a glorious, fun-filled event, but when the majority of days are happy and productive, it's easier to deal with extra pressure now and then.
In the recent Wall Street Journal article, Ways to Be Happy and Productive at Work, Jessica Pryce-Jones outlines the correlation between happiness and productivity. Although most companies state that productivity levels are usually measured through “investment, innovation, skills and competition,” Pryce-Jones writes that the happiness of employees is missing from this equation.
The Journal article argues that employers must focus on five key drivers for an individual's productivity to keep happiness and performance at high levels:

  • Clear goals and constructive feedback
  • Motivation to strengthen skills and take responsibility
  • Fitting into the company culture
  • Effective communication to secure employee commitment to the organization
  • Building employee confidence levels

So what does this all mean for PR? Well, a PR firm is like any other company. It needs productive and happy employees, but it also needs content, creative clients. For each account executive or director who is the day-to-day client liaison, you must keep these five points in mind. You need to not only focus on how PR will help your client's business succeed, but how to motivate your team and drive PR success through creativity and vision. The happiness and productivity level of a PR firm employee will effortlessly translate to clients and throughout their companies.
Evaluate your performance level with this short survey from the article. What's your score? Knowing how you rate will allow you to work on your skills and better manage others.

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