Will WeWork Boston expand into Back Bay?

February 6, 2016
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By: Ali Keppler
As I sit here alternating between reading the local news, writing this blog and looking out my window at the snow, I find myself remembering an important truth: entrepreneurs don’t get snow days. Or weekends. Or usually any vacation at all, at least in the early years. These individuals go at it 24/7 in the relentless pursuit of making a business vision a reality. Hats off to all who fall into that category – and let’s see what our local entrepreneurial scene has been up to.
BostInno: How Tufts Is Using Innovation to Unite Its Three Campuses 

Did you know there are a lot of schools in the greater Boston area? Just kidding. With so many colleges and universities vying for attention, the competition to differentiate is fierce. Tufts University is making a name for itself in the entrepreneurship space with new initiatives to integrate and growth its innovative community.

BetaBoston: Starry joins a wave of wireless startups targeting Internet monopolies 

There may be an end in sight for those who are tired of today’s limited Internet options. Starry offers an antenna that attaches outside your house for Wi-Fi of up to 1 gigabyte per second. Artemis Networks is also joining forces with Webpass to get in on the action. I’m looking forward to living in a world where those nightmare customer service calls we’ve all experienced are a thing of the past.

FierceMedicalDevices: Boston startup gets $4M Series B to develop point-of-care TBI biomarker test

Local company BioDirection now has another $4 million under its belt to make concussion diagnosis a simpler process, thanks to a nanotech biosensor that measures protein biomarkers following head trauma and generates test results with 90 seconds.

Boston Business Journal: WeWork in talks to expand in Boston’s Back Bay

Co-working community WeWork may be getting bigger. The company currently has space in Fort Point and near South Station, but a property under discussion in Back Bay would add another 84,000 square feet to the company’s owned space. The other locations have been known to include excellent swings in place of normal chairs, so…that’s something for WeWork to keep in mind if the new branch works out.

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