Why Boston’s entrepreneurs have ideal startup temperament

April 22, 2017

A survey released by Palo Alto-based startup accelerator Founder Institute, which reopened its Boston location last year, revealed that Boston entrepreneurs have the ideal startup temperament. According to the company’s global marketing manager Rachel Sheppard, the Founder Institute used its Entrepreneurial DNA Predictive Admissions Test and surveyed more than 100 local entrepreneurs to make several conclusions about the make-up of Boston’s entrepreneurs.

BostInno documented a few takeaways from the survey: 

  1. Boston entrepreneurs are the perfect balance between strictness and acceptance: Boston ranks above Chicago, Seattle, Silicon Valley and San Francisco in terms of agreeability.

  2. Boston entrepreneurs work hard and stand out, even among competitors: Boston’s the hardest working tech city on the East Coast.

  3. Boston entrepreneurs are pretty conscientious and responsible: Boston ranks above New York and Los Angeles in terms of conscientiousness. 

Here’s what else happened in the Boston startup community this week:

Boston Business Journal: Pillar VC adds Russ Wilcox, founder of E Ink, as a partner

Russ Wilcox, former founder and CEO of E Ink Corp., which created the technology that served as the basis for the screen displays in Amazon Kindles and other devices, is joining Pillar VC as a third partner. Pillar VC, one of Boston’s newest venture capital firms, was founded about a year ago by Jamie Goldstein, and it already has had big names such as Jason Robins of DraftKings Inc., Niraj Shah and Steve Conine of Wayfair Inc., and Ellen Rubin of ClearSky Data Inc. sign on as investors in their first fund, which is set to reach $100 million.

TechCrunch: A $150 million fund, The Engine, will back startups others find “too hard’”

The Engine, a fund and accelerator for advanced technology startups, closed it debut fund at $150 million according to its president, CEO and managing partner, Katie Rae. The fund, though connected with MIT, will invest in teams from a variety of industry and academic backgrounds, as well as help companies get access to equipment and facilities in the greater Boston area.

BostInno: Spark Capital-Backed Freight Farms Raises $5.6M for New Round

Freight Farms, the company that builds automated farm systems in shipping containers, raised $5.3 million in a new round of financing. The company’s containers, called Leafy Green Machines, can produce 1,000 heads of lettuce a week, delivering produce to local companies, including Google. The company also recently announced its partnership with Federal Realty Investment trust to provide containers to 32 of the firm’s shopping centers across several states.

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