The Meet Metis Q&A: Kate Connors, account manager

October 27, 2016

Kate-Connors-74.jpgIt took about .3 seconds after meeting Kate Connors for the first time to understand that she was about to change our team for the better. During her first month at Metis, Kate began distributing her famous Quotes of the Week roundup, showcasing not only her penchant for witty commentary but also her ability to bring the whole team together, including remote workers. A master of water cooler chatter, Kate can provide color commentary on a multitude of subjects, with expertise in murder mysteries, Pokémon, crisis communications and cats.

Kate embodies the Metis spirit – and not just because her cats are Instagram celebrities. She works hard, speaks her mind and always pushes herself and her teams to get valuable results for clients. Read on to learn more about Kate’s experiences at Metis and beyond.

What's one thing you love about Metis?

I love working in a company that encourages and celebrates female leadership.

What were you up to before you came to Metis? 

I was working in crisis communications in Washington D.C. Think Olivia Pope from Scandal without the controversial relationship or the thousand-dollar pantsuits.

Any hidden talents?  

Not so much a hidden talent, but I’m a total history geek. I was a board member of my college chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society, and had the chance to present some of my original research on Martha Washington. I also had some pretty cool historical internships; I conducted research at the Library of Congress for the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project and an internship with The Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology gave me the chance to join archeological dig at Rebecca Nurse’s former home – a victim of the Salem Witch Trials.

What’s your favorite Metis benefit? 

I would have to say Metis’ focus on giving through work with nonprofits, group volunteering opportunities and the matching contributions included in our benefits. I love that we have a company that believes so strongly in the importance of giving back.

Best book you've read this year:

"Everything I Never Told You," by Celeste Ng.

What's the next destination on your bucket list? 

I’m working on obtaining my Irish citizenship. (If your grandparents were born in Ireland, you are entitled to citizenship.) It took a while, but I tracked down my grandmother’s birth certificate and I would love to visit the town she grew up in and find some long-lost relatives.


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