The coffee trend fueling Boston startups

June 6, 2015

I have a confession to make.
I’m not a huge fan of coffee. It’s never been my drink of choice—more something that I grab when I’m almost too tired to function, or when I know I have a hard deadline to meet and need an extra jolt to get it finished. Even iced coffee isn’t up my alley—but the concept of a sweeter, less acidic iced coffee blend that comes on tap is something even I can’t ignore. Check out this week’s startup roundup below, and keep an eye out for the coffee news I needed to share:
BostInno: Here Are the 6 EdTech Startups That Showcased at LearnLaunch's Demo Day
Education is undeniably important, and any startup that’s looking to facilitate the development of compressive and well-rounded education is okay in our book. Pip Learning Technologies and Authess, both from Boston, look especially interesting.
Tech Crunch: When Seconds Count, RapidSOS Will Be Ready When 911 Isn’t
We’d all like to think that calling 911 results in immediate, attentive and life saving service—and for the most part, it does. But when old technology can’t keep up with new demands, it’s time to call in outside forces. That’s the idea behind RapidSOS, a Boston-based startup offering immediate emergency services when mere seconds could mean the difference between life and death.
Boston Business Journal: Massachusetts lags way behind Montana in startup activity — here's why
Who would have thought it: Montana is ranked higher in startup activity than Massachusetts. However, things aren’t always as they seem, and several factors can affect the rankings, including major economic upturns and the definition of the word “startup.”
BetaBoston: Is this cold beverage the hot new perk for Boston startups?
BostonbeaN Coffee Company and Barismo, both Boston-based businesses, are supplying the energy to local tech startups in the city—with cold, ultra-caffeinated coffee on tap. It comes in a keg and tastes sweeter than most regular coffee blends, and almost makes this coffee cynic want to give the beverage another try.
Know of some startup news that we haven’t featured? Tell us about it.

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