[SLIDESHARE] Trick-or-treat? Avoid scary PR tactics at Halloween, year-round

October 27, 2015
by Admin

Talk to enough entrepreneurs, marketers and executives, and eventually you’ll hear all kinds of scary stories about bad PR. Too many companies get burned by poor public relations practices, when what they expect – and need – is integrated, measurable, meaningful communications strategies and results.
There’s nothing worse than trusting someone with your brand reputation, expecting sweet results and ending up with nasty tricks instead. It’s worse than putting your trick-or-treat bucket out on Halloween night hoping for a fun-size candy bar and walking away empty-handed.
That’s why we’ve put together this SlideShare presentation, “Scary PR: 10 signs you’re suffering from frightful PR practices.” Check it out to learn what to avoid, including:

  • Muffling your message in jargon;
  • Blowing important media interviews;
  • Misunderstanding modern PR;
  • And more.


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