Reporters Identify Biggest Tech Trends

April 19, 2012

By: Meaghan
Editors from Fortune, The Boston Globe, InformationWeek, ReadWriteWeb and BostInno painted a clear picture of the technology trends they are seeing for an audience of public relations specialists at the recent Tech's Hot Trends event hosted by the Publicity Club of New England.
The journalists agreed that there is no comparing the technology industry on the East Coast with Silicon Valley. However, the media expressed that the East Coast and Boston areas are very supportive of startup technology companies. Below are some of the trends they're seeing in our region and in the wider industry.
Trend: big data
The biggest trend the panel noted is “big data.” According to Gregory Gomer, the managing editor at Streetwise Media's BostInno, many startups are trying to capitalize on big data and how it is changing the way companies operate.
Trend: social data
Dan Rowinski, a writer for ReadWriteWeb, pointed out that the Facebook “Like” button is an underrated technology that generates a ton of data just from a click. InformationWeek Vice President of Editorial Eric Lundquist said that he is seeing chief information officers at sports organization who are looking at how to use social data to engage the community year round. Lindquist said that he feels many companies feel like they have to use cloud computing and big data. He also added that mobile is always evolving and growing.
Trend: creative capital
When asked how venture capitalists are spending their money, the panel agreed there has been no major shift in VC dollars. They said they felt the venture capitalist money is split between bio technology, life sciences and technology. However, they are seeing a great deal of money being spent in the enterprise software arena. Lindquist also pointed out that companies are looking to raise their own money through Kickstarter. He has even seen a startup company raise money itself just to attend South By Southwest.
What do you think are some of the biggest tech trends?

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