Persistence In High-Tech PR Secures Media Opportunities

June 11, 2013

By: Kathryn
To all fellow PR practitioners: I am advocating change. No longer should the “P” in PR stand for “public.” I state that hence forth it should stand for “persistence.” Persistent relations is the true nature of what we do – especially when it comes to the media outreach portion of our jobs.
Case in point: Help A Reporter Out (HARO) posted a reporter's request last month regarding technologies that are transforming the data center. With these HARO opportunities, a reporter could be swamped with dozens if not hundreds of pitches. You must stand out from everyone else if you want to get the reporter's attention. In this case, we secured the interview. How? Well, the reporter stated it simply at the end of the call. She was overwhelmed by the number of emails she received, but because we had taken the extra step to call her publication and track her down, we netted the interview. It didn't hurt that we also had a good story and additional resources to offer.
It is this persistence with media outreach that is key to success in our field. Phone pitching and building relationships with reporters is at the core of what we do. The reporter I mentioned above will remember our client because of this persistence. We started a relationship, and that reporter may respond faster or look to us for assistance with future stories.
We must be persistent in our daily tasks, ensuring that we get answers, secure opportunities and pursue consistent, quality media coverage. I implore you all – stand up with me and make that P in PR stand for “persistence.”

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